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Literature about the breed

    Douglas B. Oliff. Mastiff and Bullmastiff.
    The Library of the American Dog Breeding Club,
    Moscow, Tsentrpoligraf, 1998

    1. First historical information about bullmastiffs
    2. Mastiffs during the reign of Tudors and Stewarts houses
    3. First historical documents
    4. Mastiffs of Lime-Hall
    5. Mastiffs from the end of 19 century to the war in 1914
    6. Mastiffs from 1918 till nowadays
    7. The standard of Mastiff and corresponding comment
    8. Bullmastiff
    9. The standard of bullmastiff and corresponding comment
    10. Breeding, raising and care
    11. Mastiff varieties

    V. Piliugin. "Bullmastiff"
    Moscow. "Kompania Delta M" Publishing house, 2000, 96 pgs, 9 illustrations

    Part I. Brief history of the breed origin
    Chapter 1. Ancient England
    Chapter 2. England in the Middle Ages
    Chapter 3. The Present-day history of bullmastiff

    Part II. Standards of the breed
    Chapter 1. Official standard of English Kennel Club
    Chapter 2. Official standard of FCI N 157
    Chapter 3. Official standard of American Kennel Club
    Chapter 4. Comment to standards

    Part III. Keeping, Care, Training
    Chapter 1. Choosing a puppy
    Chapter 2. Training a puppy
    Chapter 3. Correct feeding of Bullmastiff
    Chapter 4. Keeping and Care of Bullmastiff

    Part IV. Health
    Chapter 1. A visit to a veterinarian
    Chapter 2. About the preventives of disorders in anatomy and physiology of skeleton and muscles
    Chapter 3. Helminthes
    Chapter 4. Vaccination
    Chapter 5. Ear massage


    V. Piliugin. "Bullmastiff. A practical Guide for Dog Breeders"
    Moscow, 1999. Published by "Bioinformservice"

    Part I. Bullmastiff origin
    1. The process of domestication
    2. Distribution of dogs before 1 millennium B.C.
    3. The beginning of Molosser group forming
    4. Ancient Rome
    5. England
    6. Modern history of bullmastiff breed

    Part II. Official standards of bullmastiff breed
    1. Official standard of American Kennel Club
    2. Official standard of English Kennel Club
    3. Official standard of FCI
    4. Comment to standards

    Part III. Choosing and raising a puppy
    1. Choosing a puppy
    2. Raising a puppy

    Part IV. Characteristic of correct feeding for bullmastiff
    1. Feeding regimen
    2. Brief characteristics of foods

    Part V. Keeping and handling a dog
    1. Advices for a novice dog breeder

    Part VI. Health
    1. Advices for beginners
    2. Helminthes
    3. Vaccination

    Part VII. Dog diseases
    1. Diseases that bullmastiffs suffer in a definite period of life
    2. Dysplasy of hip joints
    3. Massage

    International clubs of Bullmastiff breed

    A.I. Inshakov, E.G. Tsigelsky "Great Danes and Bulldogs"

    Fighting dogs are ancient, noble and very interesting animals. They've been serving humans thousands of years and despite everything, have many fanciers all over the world. Not necessarily those who keep fighting dogs appreciate them for their aggressiveness and brute power. For many people these dogs are friends and pets. Many people keep and train them as guards, assistants and helpers in very different kinds of activity. Not that every man that has a shepherd at home does really shepherds sheep. Not that every owner of a hound hunts game-birds, so not that the owner of a fighting dog enjoys bloody fights. Our dogs are what we want them to be. Thanks to them being our friends and companions. Thanks to our younger brothers, whose "youth" being a very popular expression today, signifies something more than just defenselessness. Many heroes of this book challenge this opinion. All of them quietly - only by their eyes - remind us about some other, fairy meaning of this term. Good luck of our younger brothers is inside their most important fortune - to keep faith to us. Let's do our best to deserve this noble feeling.

    In August - September 2001 the book "Bullmastiff" by V. Piliugin is going to be reprinted.

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