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My First Bullmastiff

First of all, I'd note that BULLMASTIFF is not my first dog. Dogs have long been living in our house. Since I can hardly say I'm a giant, better to say a slight one, and big dogs have always attracted me, though in my house were smaller ones. And so I kept Great Danes (for I liked them for their size, grace and lively mind), boxers (their temper, liveliness, astonishing mimics, beautiful head and great sense of humor were beyond comparison). I suppose French bulldog that lived in our house inhered the latter traits as well. Once I had no opportunity to keep dogs and this oppressed me. But soon the circumstances have changed, my son grew up - he was 10. And since we were used to keep a dog in our house and were always inclined to feel the unique taste of responsibility for a faithful, tender and kind creature, we began to think about purchasing a new friend. At last we realized we really did need a dog. But which one to buy?

No doubt the one with short muzzle (the echo of love of boxers), that could guard, be easy-tempered, liked children and:remind of our former pets.

After we'd rummaged plenty of books and visited numerous shows we came to a conclusion a BULLMASTIFF would satisfy all our requests. Of cause his appearance, size and character had their effect. That was a big, vigorous, heavy dog but much smaller than a Dane (at that moment we occupied a small two-room flat), that had a big and good-looking head and short muzzle, which reminded our boxers (and much more calm and not so inclined to attack as a boxer).

Pronounced traits of guard, intellect and very easy temper, self-confidence, infinite love of his masters (of all household), loyalty and patience at contacts with children defined our choice.

Soon we got a dark brindle bitch called Naomi (Uma). She was 4 and half months old, such a plump, glossy, plush teddy bear with eyes large and questioning, wise beyond her years. Tree years have passed since that time. Many changes have taken place at our home. For the first time when our daughter Xenia was born almost no time was left for the dog. But Uma was patient and indulgent when passing through all the changes in her life and hearth and countenanced us. Now everything got balanced, life's got its' normal rhythm, and everybody is given its part of attention. Never since then we've been disappointed in our choice.

It seems that she has always been with us. Our beloved Umka. Wise, calm, slow and lazy enough at home but confident and alert outdoors aware of her huge power, totally implacable of everything that is of danger for us, very patient and kind with children.

Bullstiff Nostra Naomi with the owner Irina Barykina
(Nedermanni Harold & Bullstiff Nostra Dominic)

Bullstiff Nostra Naomi with the owner Irina Barykina

Puppies Naomi

Tsiklon (2.5 months old)


Centurion (45 days old)


Here we are, grown-ups!

Centurion, Naomi and Cefat with Irina Barykina and Ksiusha

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