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Standard type of bull-mastiff (British) 1926

In general appearance the Bull-Mastiff is a noble symmetrical animal with well-knit frame, powerful but active, courageous but docile.

Dogs should be 26 to 28 inches at the shoulder and 90 to 110 Ibs in weight.

Bitches 25 to 27 inches and 80 to 90 Ibs.

The head should be large and square with fair wrinkle.

Muzzle not more than 3 inches long, deep and broad. Nostrils large and broad. Flews not too pendulous, stop moderate, mouth level favouring projection of the lower rather than the upper incisors.

Canine teeth large and set wide. Eyes dark and of medium size, set apart the width of muzzle with furrow between. Dark mask preferable. Skull large and may measure almost equal the height of the dog, it should be broad, with cheeks well developed. Forehead flat, ears V or folded back, set on wide and high, level with occiput and cheek, giving a square appearance to the skull.

Neck slightly arched, moderate length, very muscular and almost equal in circumference to skull. Chest wide and deep, well set down between forelegs. Girth may be up to a third more than the dog's height. Ribs arched, deep and well set back to hips. Back short, giving a compact carriage. Shoulders muscular and slightly sloping. Arms powerful, elbows square, forelegs straight well boned and set wide apart. Pasterns straight, feet large with round toes, well arched. Loins wide and muscular slightly arched with fair depth of flank.

Hind legs broad and muscular with well developed second thigh denoting power but not cumbersome. Hocks slightly bent, "cow hocks" or "splay feet" are most undesirable.

Tail set high up, strong at the root and tapering, reaching to or just below the hocks, straight or curved but never carried gay or hound fashion.

Coat short and dense giving good weather protection.

Colour, any shade of fawn or brindle.


Symmetry and general character - 10
Body height and substance - 10
Skull - 10
Foreface and muzzle - 15
Ears - 5
Eyes - 5
Chest and ribs - 10
Forelegs and feet - 10
Back loins and flank - 10
Hindquarters, legs and feet and tail - 10
Coat and colour - 5
Total - 100

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