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Bullmastiff Breed Standard

In 1924 the breed was officially recognized by the Kennel Club. The December "Kennel Gazette" issue reported the Committee to bring a separate section, "Any other Variety" in the Register Journal for the Bullmastiff breed, and as their number would be enough it would be registered as an independent breed. The note explained the difference between a purebred and a crossbred bullmastiff: the first was a dog that had no mastiffs or bulldogs through the latter four generations, parents included. The term "crossbred" means that the cross took place during three latter generations. This is prohibited by paragraph 128 of the registration rules.

After the official recognition the breed club was established, registered in Kennel Club on 23 June 1925. That was the Bullmastiffs of Central Earldoms Club (BMCEC). In September of that year the club wrote its first breed standard, which I'm going to introduce now.

  • Bullmastiff Standards (British) 1926
  • American Breed Standards (February 1992)
  • British Breed Standards (March, 1994)
  • Bullmastiff Standards FCI № 157 (26.02.1996)
  • The Kennel Union of Southern Africa Breed Standards
  • Breed Standards Comment

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