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History of Bullmastiff Breed in Dates

1783-1801 - Pictures of George Morland, painter

27 Nov 1785 - one of the first notes about bullmastiff in the ad in "Manchester Mercury": "On Sunday, 15 Nov 1785 a dog light-colored, a cross between bulldog and mastiff was found on the road between Haddersfield and Marsdan". (by Crain in his book "Bullmastiff as I know him")

1846 - Edward Jessa "A Story About Dogs"

1873 - letter by Mr. W. Thompson: "I also came around to John Turner, who told me there's an excellent dog in Kigly born from Bradford Quaker and a big bullmastiff bitch, he offered to couple" (M.B. Winn, "The History of Bullmastiff" 1886)


("Dog Fight", gravure by George Morland dated 1801. The winner of this fight very much resembles a contemporary bullmastiff and confirms the hypothesis that dogs of this type have existed during many generations)

1905 - the article by Mr. Barton "Dogs points and management" about training methods of bullmastiff published in "Sporting Dogs".

1908 - "J. H. Biggs breeds bullmastiffs" (record by Earl F. Hollander) 1911 - an appeal of Earl F. Hollander "to recognize British breeds of dogs, including bullmastiff".

1924 - Kennel Club officially recognized the breed.

23 June 1925 - the establishment of the breed club registered by Kennel Club (MBMC) 19 Aug 1925 - the first breed show took place in Bagnoll. The bullmastiff Farcroft Fidelity (born 1921) owned by S.E. Moseley, was the first specimen of the breed, which became the winner. He was the very first bullmastiff registered in the pedigree book of Kennel Club.

September, 1925 - the first standard of the breed appeared.

4 Jan 1926 - the second breed club "National Club of Bullmastiffs" was registered in Kennel Club - the club of police dogs, established by S.E. Moseley (kennel "Farcroft").

1928 - the first prize of Champion wins the brindle bitch Farcroft Silvo (born from Hemilla Gripa and Farcroft Belltong) owned by S.E. Moseley.

1931 - British Bullmastiff League was established.

1933, Dec - the bullmastiff breed was recognized in USA.

1934 - Bullmastiff Association was organized.

1934 - American Dog-breeding Club published the standard of the breed based on British Bullmastiff League standard.

1935 - Southern Bullmastiff Society and the club for training of bullmastiffs was established.

1946 г. - Welsh Bullmastiff Society (later known as Welsh and West-England Bullmastiff Society) was established.


A picture of a bulldog by sir Edwin Landsire (1820). The dog was used for breeding of "night dogs" and for the first time took part in crosses with mastiffs. It very slightly resembles a contemporary bulldog one can nowadays see on a show.

8 Feb 1992 - the official standard of American Dog-breeding Club appeared.

Today the breed is widely spread in America, Europe and Asia and is very popular among trustworthy patrol dog fanciers.

The temperament of up-today bullmastiff has become the guarantee of the breed well-being. Many western cynologists tend to consider this dog to be ideal for keeping it at home.

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