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Bullmastiffs in Russia

Russian breeders have been accumulating the practical experience of working with this breed since 1989.

V. Morossov (Tula) was the first who brought Bullmastiffs to Russia and started breeding them. He acquired a red-colored dog, called ACE (born 19 May 1986), LOF 001618, and later brought a brindle bitch called Aska v. Knohenbeiser (born 28 Sept 1988), SHSB436571, from Yugoslavia. After some time Irina Ilicheva acquired a bitch Osa z Budi Odi (born 27 July 1987), 3928, from Poland. Then M.G. Butirskaia brought the sibling bitch Oda z Budi Odi, and in 1990 G.E. Rhozenbaum got a bitch from the Austrian kennel called Golden Girl (born 24 May 1989), VDH89/013 0253. On that year T. and I. Dubrovski acquired a dog Sarejevo (born 11 Jan 1988), 360ZKC, and a bitch Jezebel (born 10 Apr 1990), 356ZKC, from Zimbabwe.

In 1991 the bitch Osa z Budi Odi owned by Irina Ilicheva gave birth to the first litter in Russia.

Most Famous Bullmastiff Kennels in Russia: :

"Bavaria Exkort" s. Saint-Peterburg, owned by I. Аndreeva
"Vladyka Moskovii" Moscow region, s. Domodedovo, owned by I..Barykina
"Gloria", Moscow regions, s. Zelenograd, owned by I. Liakisheva
"Iz Imperii Antallis" s.Moscow, owned by E.Volhina
"Iz Mira Antallis" Moscow region, s. Mytish`i, owned by N. Nikolaeva
"Bullstiff Nostra" Moscow region s. Domodedovo, owned by I. Ilicheva
"Iz Bulmost", Moscow region, owned by V. Pihta

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