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Bullmastiff Character

"A trustworthy, taciturn, absolutely fearless, ensuring the sense of safety, splendidly set, combining impressive size and spectacular appearance, having an excellent temperament - never is exited unnecessarily - even-tempered, sober-minded"
David Hancock

BULLMASTIFF is a personality, many-sided and very interesting personality. He combines traits that usually can't go together. He is an excellent and very serious guard. But in the circle of household a cat can hardly be so tender and loyal as he is and you are able to do with him everything you want. Violently he attacks the danger but in usually he is lazy and wouldn't make a spare movement if there's no special need for it. While playing with you he counts each movement done by you but at the same time may think long how to carry out a given command.

Night Gamekeeper's Dog. Scottish painter Philip Reinagle (1749 - 1833)


BULLMASTIFF really has a very strong character. And this dog is for strong people. He always realizes the power he has, very confident and absolutely fearless, he expresses these features in all their might in emergency, for example, while fighting or defending his master. What amazes most is that bullmastiff is nimble and active despite he looks like being heavy and robust. He never runs to attack the rival, never he barks on him or pulls you on the leash towards the rival. Never he is first to attack, but almost always he has time to stop any attack with a quick lunge and as a result strikes a blow first. Moreover, there would be no fight at all - he just suppresses his rival. But he is not bloodthirsty and is ready to go away at once. In the same way he acts when guards - he guards as much as needed.

In spite of his laziness, placidity and kindness, BULLMASTIFF is a perfect guard, 'cause he is always vigilant and observant; he is always ready. At any change of situation he pricks his ears. He always feels your mood and emotions, since he possesses an amazing intuition and feeling for human intentions. He constantly keeps up with your reaction on the man you are talking to. In case if you don't worry he acts quietly and kindly. If you are irritated or become nervous he decides to protect you. If another man is aggressive but stands aloof, a BULLMASTIFF most likely would stand between you and another man and give a notice with a roar. If another man tries to attack, BULLMASTIFF quickly attacks hiimself right in the bull eye and never does a spare movement. As soon as the attack is repelled and the assailant goes away, a BULLMASTIFF is calm and playful again. One of the most valuable traits of this breed is the ability to stop in time, even before the master gives a command.

A delayed physical and mental development is one of the peculiarities of the breed. Bullmastiff reaches its final physical maturity at 2.5 - 3 years. Mental development completes at 3 - 3.5 years. By this time his character establishes too.

Bullstiff Nostra Nairi BULLMASTIFF is absolutely non-aggressive in the family circle. He doesn't tend to be a leader of his troop (that is, the household) and equally respects each member.

Owing to his character one has no problems with BULLMASTIFF if the dog needs to be cured and so on. His masters may do with him everything they want.

BULLMASTIFFS are very smart and are remarkable for craftiness and patience. They are easy to train and fluently learn new commands. But they never are as obedient as shepherds. They need some more seconds to think your command over and would not mind to offer their own version of execution. "A Doberman, a Rottweiler or a Riezenschnauzer are used as guards too but these breeds have unreliable temper and therefore need an experienced approach of a professional. In contrast to them, BULLMASTIFFS are not bloodthirsty or cruel to their victims. A well trained German shepherd has many positive qualities but is unpredictable in its actions more than one would like it to be" (David Hancock). BULLMASTIFF is a wonderful companion in children's games (he would long play with your babies and would never leave first). He is an excellent guard, a wonderful nurse (our dogs never can stand a child's cry and run to a baby and try all ways to calm him, and if fail to cope themselves, call us and make us come and quiet the child).

The sum of all said may look like this: BULLMASTIFF is a dog that is of strong spirit, vigilant, faithful, brave and confident but docile; represents intellect along with gumption, ready to fulfill an order, a family companion that deserves confidence, and is a strong, sturdy, active, brave and valiant guard.

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