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Digestive System: Wind (gas accumulation inside intestines)

Persistent accumulation of gases in dog's intestines and discharge through the anus embarrasses and upsets the dog owner. This state results from ingesting food that goes under fermentation - onions, legumes, cauliflower, large portions of milk and swallowing of big volumes of air while the dog eats large bits of food or is afflicted by short breath. Food very rich in meat may also promote this disease. Flatulence is often goes together with interruption of carbohydrates digestion.


Reduce the ingestion of air the dog gulps by feeding it in the way of free choice or several times daily giving food in small portions. If despite this the dog still gobbles food you may put a big smooth stone in its bowl so the dog won't be at his ease to eat and the speed of eating will reduce. Feed your pet aside from other animals so he won't have to hurry.

Avoid giving low-caloric food, food rich in fiber, soybeans and cereals, milk and foodstuffs with a high content of protein.

Exclude vitamins and mineral additives, which stimulate fermentation in intestines.

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