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Taking Care of Bullmastiff


The hair is easy to care. It's enough just to comb it frequently. Once a week in the period between moultings and 3-4 times a week (or more often) during moulting would be enough. Use a rubber brush and a glove. Wipe the hair with a wet rag or a burdock leaf (in summer, when there're many of them outdoors) after combing. In order to keep the hair and skin in a good condition one should work them with oils (lanolin, palm-oil) once in two weeks. If one to follow these rules there won't be a necessity to wash the dog, except for cases when it gets very dirty (wallowed in mud, got into a pond and so on)


Cefat, 10 month One should regularly examine a bullmastiff ears in order to prevent accumulation of earwax in the ear ducts and revealing of ear ticks that may ultimately cause otitis. Dirt and wax are to be removed by means of a cotton ball, slightly wetted in a natural oil. Now you can find special oils for ear treatment that serve as preventives against ear ticks.


Nails also need certain care. As they grow longer the owner should cut them by special clippers for big-sized dogs. The nail is to be cut along the line parallel to the floor (the dog should stand up). A line of cut passes lower than a live tissue. Only an empty and curling tip is to be cut. One can see a live tissue by raising the dog's leg. Watch the length of nails, since too long nails cause deformation of paws and favor splayed fingers.


Eyes are a weak spot of the bullmastiff breed as well as of all slobbery breeds and breeds with a short muzzle. Their eyelids are usually wide open, and as a result dust and specks get inside and irritate an eye mucous membrane. Therefore there're always wet excretes inside their eyes. But one should not put up with this. You should constantly take care of dog eyes. Wash his eyes daily. There shouldn't be mutter in them. Otherwise turn to a vet and he'll prescribe drops or ointment needed.


All big and heavy breeds suffer corns and scabs on the elbows and the external side of pastern joints. The owner might try to avoid this. To prevent corns walk with the dog on solid and rough surfaces. Fight corns 2-3 times a day treating them with a 20-30 % solution of Dioxidyne, and then spread trivitamin or A vitamin (oil suspension). Ointments based on lanoline or glycerin are good to use before going asleep. To evoke hair growth on these areas use the mechanical stimulation by putting on damaged regions pieces of ice wrapped into a napkin for several minutes. Beware of overcooling since may cause bursitis.

Give digesting enzymes during treatment of corns, since they improve skin cells regeneration. But keep on no longer than 4 days.

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