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In the car

Perhaps, a dog feels himself very strange to see how a vast world passes nearby as his legs stay on the same place. Many dogs like riding by car but some of them are hard to be called good travelers.

Security measures in the car

In emergency a dog may be injured severely and even perish or kill the one sitting ahead. There is a lot of devices to make the dog safe inside the car.

Centurion and Ksiusha Special cage

You may use it in a minibus or in cars with a universal type of salon. The cage is the safest device.

Net for dogs

Is used in minibuses and universal-type cars.

Safety belts

Are good for every car and are fixed on the back seat. Watch the belts neither tighten the dog nor be too loose to allow the dog run away when you go out of the car.

Some Advice

1. If the trip is long, take the extra food and water. Don't forget a bowl for the dog and can-opener if plan to feed. Believe me, it's not that difficult to forget all this at home!
2. Make regular stops to let the pet stretch his legs and go to the toilet
3. Always keep a scoop and an empty bag in the car, one extra leash and a toy, as well as a first-aid set
4. In case if you are going to spend the night on the journey, think ahead of a sleeping place for your pup
5. Try not to feed the puppy before the trip and let him go to the toilet before you put him in the car


In a hot day the temperature inside the car may rise up to 49 degrees centigrade. A dog left in the car has to breath frequently and deeply, though this won't save from the heat stroke. He may perish.

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