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Bullstiff Nostra TSEFAT

Bullstiff Nostra Tseria

Bullstiff Nostra Naomi

Asta La Vista Zlato Moskovii
Asta La Vista Zlato Moskovii

Hanny Roze iz Imperii Antallis
Hanny Roze iz Imperii Antallis

Raznitca iz Imperii Antallis
Raznitca iz Imperii Antallis

Djessi iz Imperii Antallis
Djessi iz Imperii Antallis

"Safe, silent and secure. Our intruder alarm needs no mechanical maintenance, can be placed on duty all night without relief; and possesses a built-in night-vision capability, has an innate IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) indicator, can operate for 24 hour periods without power supply, and lasts at least 10 years before needing a replacement. What a product for any security company salesman to peddle! And what is that product - a guard dog, and in particular the breed called Bullmastiffs."

David Hancock


07.08.03 - New page was Opened about Champion from Russia, and I hope You will much interesting look

03.08.03 - Lithuania (Palanga) the International Exhibition of the Dogs CACIB.
From botom of my heart we congratulate our friends from Poland with victory of their dog Diamond Hills Zingiber, which on this exhibition has got the titles CAC, BOS, CACIB, BOB and has closed the title of the Mulitichempion!
Vialetta and Yacek on combine jobs are an owner of the young male dog from our nursery: Loncelot Vladyka Moskovii, which has won on this exhibition title Best Yunior.
Once again we congratulate the friends and itself certainly too :)))!

We congratulate winners of Dog Show

05.07.03 - Moskow "Nostalgia", club "Fauna".
Vladyka Moskovii Vorchun - Best Bebi, ВIS-IV
Asteriks Vladyka Moskovii - САС
Lomberdzhina - Best Puppy
Vladyka Moskovii Ambitsion Sharm - BJ, BIS
But has in the same way closed its first championship, having become by Young Champion Russia. TuttiI-Frutti iz Imeirii Antallis - CAC

14-15.06.03 - Kaliningrad, The International exhibition CACIB "CUP of the FRIENDSHIP of the COUNTRIES BALTIC SEA".
Lontselot Vladyka Moskovii (Poland ) - Best Puppy, II-BIS
Charmbulls David (Estonia) - BJ, JСАС
Diamond Hills Zingiber (Poland) - САС, CACIB, BOS, BOB
Banka vom Luchweg (Poland) - САС, CACIB, BOS
We Congratulate the friends from Poland:
Vialettu and Yaceka Boguski, owner Diamond Hills Zingiber and our puppy Loncelot Vladyka Moskovii. We Want the further success and victories!

14.06.03 - Tver, "Cup Tver-2003"
Tsefat - CW, BOS, BOB, BIS
Jorj iz Imperii Antallis - CW, CAC
Vladyka Moskovii Vorchun - PJ, BIS-Puppy
Daira - CW, CAC, BOS
Tango Queen iz Imperii Antallis - CW, CAC
Tutti-Frutti iz Imperii Antallis - CW, CAC
Vladyka Moskovii Ambicion Charm - JW

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